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WARNING: Mind Control Making the rounds in 2022!

John Ankerberg: Welcome! We’re glad that you joined us tonight. We’re going to be examining the Silva Mind Control Method. One of our guests is Jose Silva. Silva claims that any person who will take their 48-hour, four-day, course will develop psychic powers. In the course, a student is shown how to enter an altered state of consciousness—you’ll hear what that is in a moment—and in that state you will be allowed to tap into higher intelligence in the universe. You will be able to function, after four days in the course, psychically, clairvoyantly. You’ll be taught how to invite counselors or psychic guides into your mind to help you with your problems. By the third day of the course, students are supposed to be able to operate psychically enough so that they can project their awareness outside of their bodies. They can have out-of-body experiences. Their minds are supposed to be able to tap any source in the universe for the information, including the minds of other men, alive or dead. On top of all of this, Jose claims that God sent Jesus to teach us all of this.
Now, tonight, we want to check the eyewitness evidence, if you want, from the people that are involved. We want to check the evidence for these claims. Tonight, Jose, I’m going to start with you. We’re glad that you’re here. In your book, you talk about a grade school teacher in Buffalo who used the Silva Mind Control Method to teach her students. Now, I know one of your goals is to have the SMC course taught to all of the school children, both in grade school and in college. But this lady is already teaching her students how to tune in, during their history class, to tune in to George Washington and other figures who have died. Now, is this really true? And tell me, Jose, how can students contact the dead to get information to help them study history today?