Pastor John Goguen

Pastor John Goguen (pronounced “GO – gen”) has pastored AGAPE BIBLE FELLOWSHIP, in East Aurora, New York, since 1989. He has traveled extensively to share God’s Word, with destinations all across the United States, Canada, Europe, and even as far away as the Island of Mindanao, Philippines. His wife of over thirty years, Kathy, works with him.

Sister Kathleen Goguen

If you call the church office during the week, chances are you will get to speak with Sister Kathy Goguen. In addition to assisting Pastor John with handling the administrative and office duties at Agape Bible Fellowship, she also manages orders and shipments for the Agape Bible Bookroom.  When you have a small team, everyone…

Pastor Michael Thierer

In 1996, Michael Thierer took the helm at the Hegewisch Baptist Church (sister church of Agape Bible Fellowship). Pastor Thierer was a resident member of HBC since joining in 1979. In addition to teaching throughout the United States, Pastor Thierer has traveled the world ( Australia, Venezuela, Cuba, Jamacia, Canada, Africa, Europe, Indonesia, Borneo, Malaysia…)…

Pastor James Mobley

Pastor James Mobley comes to us from Call Out Assembly in Melrose Park, Illinois (just outside of Chicago).  His church is a full gospel, Bible-believing church with an emphasis on the ministry of deliverance. They offer deliverance and healing prayers after each service.  Pastor James is a regular guest speaker at deliverance conferences across America…

Victor Mravlag

Join guest speaker Victor Mravlag from Allentown, PA as he shares his message: “Freedom from Deep Hatred and the Devil’s Dungeon”