Spiritual Warfare Deliverance Workshop


Friday Eve: 6:30 PM – Pastor James Mobley from Chicago – “The Foolish Heart”

Sat. 11:00AM – “Breaking Demonic Yokes” – Late Win Worley
          12:00PM – Lunch Break
        01:30PM – Time to Praise!
        02:30PM – “Fighting the Hindrances to Authority” – Victor Mravlag
           03:00PM – Intermission/Break
        03:30PM – “Unshackled from Past Failures” – Pastor John Goguen
           05:00PM – Dinner Break [Free Catered Meal]
         06:30PM – Group/Mass Deliverance

Sun. 10:30AM – “Derailed by Spirits of Carelessness” – Pastor John Goguen


Dear Warriors for the Lord Jesus Christ,

Our final 2019 Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Workshop is now being announced; can you believe it?  With it, we begin our 27th consecutive year of hosting these blessed events.  This Pastor has often said that he does not know how but the Lord always seems to best Himself with each and every one.  Much of it is due, I believe, to the joy it brings Him (and the rest of the Godhead) when His people are lovingly bringing one another into real freedom that the Word of God promises.  Sadly, in most churches, the true Christians walk out of their churches just as bound as they walked in.  Why is this?  The leadership is just too proud and too afraid to teach it and do it.

Come learn with us how to be better warriors for the Kingdom of God’s dear Son.  Feel free to make copies of these Conference Flyers and invite people who you are praying for and have shared some Full Gospel truth with already.  Tell God to turn your car or vehicle into a “Heavenly taxi”, to get folk to Agape Bible for this very special time.  Bless and encourage others.   Then, watch God bless you even more!

+ Registration:  Adults – $20.00; Youth – $15 for 13 and older
+ Please come dressed modestly and prepared for ministry.
+ 3 great opportunities for Deliverance + Healing Prayer.